(Sim series Pt.3) Pi / Rock64 / Tinkerboard Hardware Setup Complete

So all of the hardware arrived and is now setup, here is a photo of the end result.


Stack #1 = 1 x Raspbery Pi 2, 5 x Raspberry Pi 3

Stack #2 = 5 x Raspberry Pi 3 B+

Stack #3 = 5 x Rock64 (4GB RAM version)

Stack #4 = 2 x Asus Tinkerboard

Posts have been a little slow, especially on the software side. I've been trying to come up with the best solution for this simulation in terms of what data storage model I need to go for.

Here are my current options that I've tried to prototype, with mixed results:

  1. Creating a 1 node per simulation service, using an embedded database. This could be done using Bolt . However, trying to scale these microservices to multiple nodes using a key-value store of that kind proves difficult because of the lack of replicability using Bolt.
  2. Use a MariaDB instance with access granted only to the services within the same domain, keeping the microservice architecture, however, lacking in redundancy of those domain-specific database instances.
  3. Use a MongoDB service for each of the domain instances.
  4. Use a central database server and just sack all of this microservice stuff off (very last option).

I should have made my mind up by this weekend.

Stay groovy.

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